High Five for Friday (Saturday Six)

So this week I’m participating in a link up to give you a little glimpse into our lives. Here are five of our top things from the week (and since it is actually Saturday, I’ll give you the Saturday Six as penance for not posting this yesterday).


1. We celebrated The Husband’s birthday. I counted out a number of things we love about him to match his age.  However, I bought 11 balloons and left the rest of the things on cards on the table. Thanks, Pinterest (though I am in awe of the fact that you purchased enough balloons to match the age!). I did forget that helium balloons often fall to the floor by the next day–so sad.

2. Our new nephew was born (this is a bit of a stretch since it was technically last week, but we enjoy continuing to get pictures of him).

3. Monkey Baby got his first carrier ride with his daddy. He fell asleep quite quickly. Score!

4. Three things about Monkey Baby: he loves looking at himself in the mirror, he is learning to play by himself while I make dinner (because knives and hot ovens and babywearing don’t mix!), and he is learning to grab things. In that last picture, The Husband prides himself on a life hack because “why hold the balloon for the baby when he can hold it himself?”

5. I have started menu planning (which I will share more about soon). Most of the recipes I’ve been using are from The Pioneer Woman. She is awesome, and the pictures and comments add so much to my dinner-making experience. My favorite meal so far is probably these grilled chicken pineapple quesadillas.

6. The Husband’s favorite meal so far was the white chicken enchiladas I cooked last night. I don’t take pictures of our meals from The Pioneer Woman because who could top her?!

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Linking up with Lauren for Hive Five for Friday.


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