The Eyes of a Child: Day 1 “Why?”


I remember when getting out of bed each morning was thrilling and effortless. I felt fresh and rested each day. I remember the joy of long summer days that felt like they would never end. I remember when clothes were just something I wore, maybe because I liked them but maybe just because I needed something to wear. I remember when food was not a big deal–when I delighted in each meal but did not worry about the next. Busyness did not exist. Conversations were never to impress. There was no second guessing. It was okay to live in dependence. I lived free.

I went with the flow without worrying about whether it would measure up to what had come before. I was touched by small things–the crumpled body of a kitten on the side of the highway, the fact that I hurt someone’s feelings–but I was innocent to bigger pains in the world.

There is something beautiful about growing up; it is both necessary and painful. But I wonder what lessons we can learn from children. They teach us to love freely, to laugh unabashedly, to view the world with wonder. They teach us lessons about faith like dependence and trust.

This series will explore the lessons I learn from children–from my own three month old son, from other children I know, and from my own childhood. I hope you’ll join me on this thirty-one day adventure and that maybe we will all learn to live a little more impulsively, a little more gladly, and a little more free.


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