Lesson 4// There’s Nothing More Fun Than People


The baby gear industry tries hard to create swings and seats that trick babies into thinking that they are being held. However it rarely works (much to the frustration of many parents). Though mechanical swings and rockers may be fun for a while, babies can’t be tricked.

Our baby loves people. He loves being talked to. He loves to have us sit nearby while he is playing so he can show us his ever growing skills. He “calls” for us if we aren’t with him for too long. And no matter how much he might smile and talk at the monkeys above his swing, he smiles even bigger for other people. A smile from someone else will light up his face, and a smile from him often lights up the face of whoever is talking to him.

Babies understand a truth that I often forget: people matter more than things. People matter more than my agenda. There is no replacement for community made up of other people. I once heard someone say that the only things that are eternal are the Word of God and the souls of men. Relationships are important, and there is ultimately no replacement for them.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend with your people!



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