Lesson 13// Stare in Wonder

My fourth post in the faith journey series is postponed due to a lovely Sunday of visiting with family and sorting through a dozen boxes my husband’s parents brought him of all his remaining childhood stuff. That second part may not have been quite so lovely. But I am hoping to finish my fourth post tomorrow. In the meantime, I will continue my lessons from my son.


When I take my son on our porch and brush the windchimes with my hand, he looks up at them, gasps, and smiles. Sometimes he will even shriek with joy. He notices anything new–whether a new plate on the mantle at his grandmother’s house or the vacuum cleaner when my vacuuming has been postponed.

Since I started this series, I have been trying to stare in wonder more. I take delight in the sound of the windchimes, in the flowers in the center of our table, in good food. I am trying to relish all the different sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of the world. I am trying to pause more and drink it all in.

I get to experience these things anew through watching my son experience them. He crinkles his nose when we offer him a red pepper to smell. He looks around at the sound of church bells or a truck passing. He smiles as he watches our faces when we are talking.

There is a lot to lament about the world. There is pain and injustice and individual as well as collective brokenness. But there is also so much to take delight in. There are so many things worth staring at in wonder.

When is the last time you stared in wonder?



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