To Make You Think: Weekend Reading


Happy Weekend!

Here are some articles that have made me think or soothed my soul this past week or two. They’re the kind of articles that you weave into conversations all week long.

  • Sarah Bessey shares this brief story about the call to gentleness and how it applies to our children. To anyone who feels guilty when you hold your baby for a nap around company rather than letting them cry it out (I’m raising my hand!), read this!
  • I am planning a post soon on this topic, but if you, like me, get frustrated at all the “I’m addicted to technology” articles, you’ll like this one from The Influence Network.
  • This article and the next hit the struggle I have between saving money and living well. The Nester writes this one about the difference one degree makes on the home thermostat.
  • I referenced this article by Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy in my post yesterday about increasing our grocery budget. It’s worth reading!
  • I found this article by Peter Gray about the importance of play for children through the Art of Simple. It’s worth reading if you have or work with children (and maybe even if you ever were a child). I’m working on a post about it.
  • Lastly, I liked this article on what our stuff really costs us. As I try to pare down to the essentials, I get frustrated with everything non-consumable that we bring into our home. I especially like the point about the cost of stuff in terms of our emotional attachment. We waste precious time thinking, worrying, and sentimentalizing our stuff.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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