To Make You Think: Weekend Reading (2)


This morning I stepped outside with Liam to gauge the weather and determine our walk attire. When we turned to go inside, he screamed loudly. I couldn’t blame him though; it’s a glorious day, and we plan to spend a lot of it outside. The daffodils in a nearby park have burst open overnight, and the breeze whispers “spring!”

Here are the posts and articles that have been spinning in my head this week. As I added each link, I kept wanting to say, “this post is a must-read.” So they’re all really good. But if you have weather as nice as ours today, I suggest you save these posts for later and go outside. 

Happy Saturday!

*Lindsay at hellohue writes about the difference between motherhood as a duty and motherhood as a calling–a post that met me where I was this week as I kept thinking, “I never get a break.” My favorite line is this one:

To me, a duty says, “give me credit!” , while a calling says, “Thank you Lord!”

*In keeping with my tiny house obsession, I was excited to discover Assortment, a blog about a family who decided to live in a 665 sq. foot cabin. I just found this blog today, and I have been so inspired by what I’ve read so far. As we think about buying a house in the future, this family’s story makes me want to be intentional with our space and stuff so we can live life.

*Ally Vesterfelt writes about our calendars as a reflection of our priorities at The Art of Simple. She explains that we all make time for what we value. I love this line: 

But if we were to go back and look at our schedules from weeks or years before, they would act like a little time capsules, holding the treasures of our hearts.

I’m contemplating pulling out my old planners (which I can’t seem to throw away!) and doing just that.

*Ed Cyzewski writes about the story of the rich young ruler at Sarah Bessey’s blog. I, too, often feel a white-knuckled grip on things and money in my life when I read that story. But he concludes:

“We should approach this story asking, “What would keep me from following Jesus?”

*Esther Emery writes a post for the One Small Change series at Addie Zierman’s blog. This post made something click in my mind in regard to how we view money. She equates money with life energy. I also love that this comparison helps me articulate why I think food can be worth splurging on (food is a huge part of one’s life energy and ability to work).

*Jessi of Naptime Diaries writes about how we often create fear and remove joy from those coming behind us in a season of life. I have experienced those who spoke fear and those who spoke truth and peace, and the latter ones make all the difference. I love how she ends the post:

Who is coming behind you and how can you encourage them? I’m starting with me, refusing to be the ominous lady at the shower – scaring the one who is opening the gift and looking to me with hopeful eyes.

Let’s be the ones, at the end of the road, who are saying,
“I knew you could do it. 
I knew Christ in you was more than enough.” 


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