To Make You Think: Monday Links

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Here are things I loved around the Internet recently, perfect for a rainy Monday morning

On Motherhood: 

I’m loving Ashlee Gadd’s new website, Coffee and Crumbs. The essays are deep and thoughtful and encouraging. I especially love “to be sad about what isn’t” about how sometimes, you have to move through sadness when you find out the gender of your baby.

From Her.meneutics: “A Mother’s Hope for a Better World” shows the significance of mothering in a world marked by chaos.

This pokes a bit of fun at birth plans (which I actually had some success with). I laughed out loud! It’s good to keep in mind that we often do overplan and overthink.

21 Tips for Survival Mode is humorous and enlightening at the same time. (On a related note: Megan’s post on the 3 D’s and The Big Three gives some of the best survival mode advice I’ve seen. It’s simple and genius.)

I talked about “Mommy, Somebody Needs You” a few days ago. It’s not the thing to read if you’re suffering from newborn-turned-my-life-upside-down-syndrome (NTMLUDS for short–support the cause by taking care of a new mom in your life). It’s also not the thing to read if you’re suffering from total sleep depravation. But for the rest of us, it’s good to be reminded that while being needed all the time is heavy, it’s also beautiful and short.

Other Great Stuff: 

This post from Momastery made the rounds this week, but rightfully so! “Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt” is convicting and encouraging. I have rethought our entire home and daily lives this week in terms of the ludicrous luxuries we have.

Liam loves Goodnight Moonand for all its simplicity (and sometimes, strangeness), there is something lyrical about it. I loved this post on what writers can learn from it, especially the part about how the ending subverts expectations.

I talked about this in my post about purposely choosing to have a better day. This post by Elizabeth Foss shows the beauty and necessity of long, solitary walks. I’m walking most days again, and it’s amazing how much I need walks!

The Confidence Gap” fascinated me. The author discusses when men will ask for promotions vs. when women will ask. The idea of a confidence gap may also explain some parenting differences in my opinion. Fathers often (not always) tend to be more laid-back about the little stuff that we mothers can really focus on.

I firmly believe in napping (and I also believe it’s an art!). I love this graphic illustrating key information about naps. (I do realize some of us can’t nap well, but man! I find it hard to believe in such an existence!). This Real Simple essay has always stuck with me: “Napping, A Love Story.”  I could definitely write my own!


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