A Day in Our Lives: Spring 2015

I love reading Day in the Life posts because they give me so much inspiration. Plus I want to remember what a typical day is like during this sweet phase of our lives. Twenty-two months is so much fun. Liam learns new words every day, and  I love the creative games he invents. This was not a totally typical day, but in that sense, I guess it was a typical day. I didn’t start documenting until right after breakfast.

On a typical morning, Liam and I wake up between 7 and 8, and Jon is often gone when we wake up. This particular morning we woke up and went to the sunroom (Liam usually says “road” as soon as he wakes up, which means he wants to go to the sunroom to build a road or garage). I’ve found it works best to spend a few minutes getting him settled playing. Then he’ll either play while I make breakfast, or he’ll follow me into the kitchen to help. But for some reason going straight to the sunroom initially is super important for him.

After he started playing, I made breakfast and coffee. We ate it in the sunroom while we played (fried eggs and toast; some days we have oatmeal with raisins instead).

After breakfast, we needed to make and mail a birthday card for my father-in-law. We normally don’t do any TV until after Liam’s nap, but I let him watch Daniel Tiger while I drew a picture for him to color. He used crayons to color in a picture of Grampy fishing with him and then I finished up the card.


We began our daily tidying, which usually involves cleaning the kitchen and making the beds. Lately we’ve been doing this right after breakfast and a little playtime. We played a game or two of “Boo” in the midst of this and then decided to run some errands.


We got dressed and to run to the library and grocery store, but when we got outside, it was so beautiful that we saved that plan for the next day and decided to go on our typical daily walk. I’ve been using my Fitbit to keep up with steps, and I generally get the majority of my steps on our three mile morning loop.


Our walk generally involves a pond and/or a playground stop. When we got back from our walk, it was time for lunch. Liam played on the deck and then came in to help me finish preparing lunch. Then we sat on the “tool” (stool) and ate our lunch. We had grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with romaine lettuce on the side. Liam ate some of the sandwich, along with a few blueberries and some goldfish.




After lunch, we finished a few chores that we didn’t get done earlier. Liam helped me unload the dishwasher by sorting the silverware.


We changed into our pajamas for our nap (it makes naps ten times better!), and then we read some books.



During Liam’s nap, I read and rested. In two hours (his typical nap), he was up. It was around 3:00. We played on the bed for a few minutes, and he was fascinated by the camera (since I had been using it so much to capture our day). Then we changed back out of pajamas. We played in the sunroom for a little while. Liam rode his y-bike, and he cooked in his kitchen, making me all sorts of delicious food (he finds it hysterical when I tell him not to burn the food!).



We decided to go into the real kitchen to make cookies for a snack. While they were baking, Liam became entertained with pouring water and spraying his spray bottle on the deck, which gave me about 20 minutes to write (this has been rare lately!).


After eating the cookies, we went to play on the front steps. I talked to my sister on the phone while Liam played with his trucks and his kitty. Then he discovered the little stroller in the garage, and he insisted that we push it to the fish pond. I pushed him back home around 5:30.


We made pizza dough, and then I gave him an impromptu bath (after a potty incident). Then Liam watched Daniel Tiger on the bed while I took a quick shower. We found out Jon was coming home from work early (so exciting!), so we went to the kitchen to finish up the pizza.



Jon got home around 7:00 and entertained Liam while I finished the pizza.



The rest of the evening we spent playing together in the sunroom until bedtime. Liam stopped playing anytime I set up the camera to capture playtime, so I finally gave up on a family playtime picture (although we loved the faces he made for the camera!). Then we played a game of monster; I was the monster, and Jon would hide Liam under the couch pillows. It was hard to get him to stop when it was time for bed.


As usual, Liam went to the potty and brushed his teeth. Then Jon read some books to him. We prayed with him and sang to him, and then he nursed. We usually put Liam to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 and then watch a show or chat for a little while. If we’re not too tired, we might make a treat (that was not the case this night).


That’s pretty much a typical day. Some days we run errands either before or after Liam’s nap. We also spend more time doing our larger household chores some days, depending on what needs to be done. We’re loving these summer days and this fun stage of toddler-hood!


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