Picture Books for Truck-Loving Toddlers


My mom and I were talking recently about how many books there are now that are geared specifically toward toddlers who are fascinated by trucks (or construction or trains). It makes it so much easier to help kids with these interests engage in reading. Since we will soon be a two boy family, we are really glad for authors who know what boys often like.

My son has loved most of these books since he was one-year-old (or even earlier). They are all fabulous, and the board books would be great baby shower gifts. I love gifting these books in general!

Red Truck (Kersten Hamilton and Valeria Petrone): A great little board book with bright, whimsical illustrations. Red Truck focuses on the efforts of a cheerful red tow-truck to help a school bus that is stuck in the snow. There are few words, a few pages with just sounds (zooom!), and the story is sweetly simple.

Honk Honk! Beep Beep(Daniel Kirk): This book is so much like Chugga-Chugga Choo-ChooIt’s about a jeep traveling to see the sunrise and picking up friends along the way. The whole story takes place in a little boy’s room, and the illustrations are cheerful and lovely. The rhythm is perfect.

Little Blue Truck (Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry): Little Blue Truck keeps popping up on lists of books toddlers love. It has a great little rhyme and is a sweet story. I love the noises included, too. I saw that there are lots of other stories featuring Little Blue Truck, and I’m especially interested in the Halloween one. 

My Big Rig (Jonathan London and Viviana Garofoli): In this bright book, a little boy pictures himself driving his own truck across the county (all before dinner!). The radio phrases make this one especially fun.

Little Hide and Seek: Things that Go: I grabbed this board book from the library on a whim to keep a fifteen-month-old Liam entertained on our drive home. The pages are bright, each one contains a rhyme, and there are so many things to find on each page. He loved finding the red tractor on each one as he grew older. The fold-out page at the end is really fun!

Trucks and Other Things That Go: We’ve had this book since our first trip to the library (you can renew books up to 99 times at our library, which is a blessing and a curse). At this point, I’m going to have to buy the library a new copy, as the one we have seems a bit overly used for a library book. Liam still loves to pick it out and read it. There are plenty of things to find on each page, and the lift-the-flaps at the end are always fun. There’s also a little truck to find on each page, which adds continuity.


Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?  (Brianna Caplan Sayres and Christian Slade): This rhyming story follows diggers, monster trucks, tow trucks, and many others as they get ready for bed. The author pictures a monster truck using a puddle to brush his teeth or a baby garbage truck dumping all his toys into his toy box. The faces on the machines are adorable!

I’m a Truck Driver (Jonathan London and David Parkins): I love the illustrations in this book, and Liam loves that a cat or dog help drive each truck. This book follows a relatively simple pattern as it goes through many vehicles and the work that they do. The bright pictures give the young reader a lot to talk about and see. We just bought this one for our nephew’s birthday.

Trucks Roll! (George Ella Lyon and Craig Frazier): I love the repetition of the phrase, “Trucks roll” as well as the bold, graphic illustrations that feature different aspects of trucks. The authors have a similar book called Planes Fly

Delivery (Anastasia Suen and Wade Zahares)This book focuses on all the things being delivered each day from flowers to gasoline to boxes. It connects everything at the end, and the bold illustrations are unique. It reminds me of modern poetry in some ways.

Truck Stop (Anne Rockwell and Melissa Iwai): This colorful book is about a little boy who helps his parents out at their truck stop each morning. You meet each truck and trucker that rolls in. However, one regular customer is missing, and the little boy helps save the day. It’s a great story with simple text and fun illustrations (and as a breakfast-lover, I love that they focus on what each trucker orders for breakfast).

The Trucker (Mark Alen Weatherby): Liam loved this story of a trucker dad who takes his son on a trip with him. It has lovely, non-childish illustrations. There’s also a focus on trucker radio talk, which is fascinating.

Truck Stuck (Sally Wolf and Andy Robert Davies): The odd illustrations in this book (which include an Elvis impersonator) tell the story of a big truck that gets stuck. Two children have a solution after seeing a balloon pop (spoiler: it involves letting the air out of the tires). The story is told in phrases most of the time (as opposed to sentences).

20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street (Mark Lee and Kurt Cyrus): An ice cream truck breaks down, blocking the street. Nineteen more trucks are stuck behind it until a little boy comes up with a plan. This story has great rhyme, and it is a current favorite. We bought the board book version for our niece.

Everything Goes: Good Night, Trucks: A Bedtime Book (Brian Biggs): This was a favorite board book for a long time, and there are others in the series. It is simple and cute.

In case you missed it, here are our some of our favorite train books, construction books, books for 0-6 months, books for 6-12 months, and our favorites at around 12 months.

Do you have any favorites to add? Please leave them in the comments! We are always on the hunt for more books. 


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