New Site!

After a year of having the new site, I finally decided to move all my stuff over to I’d love it if you would check it out! As always, thanks so much for reading!

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Adventures in Home Preschool

Our First Three Weeks of Preschool at Home I remember that the time after I had Liam was one of the happiest of my life because I started to relax more. I stopped worrying about getting everything done, stopped beating myself up, and stopped being a slave to the clock (which I had been my…


When It’s Tantrums All Day Long

During the good old days of having an eighteen-month-old, I remember hearing other moms talk about the tantrums of their two and three-year-olds. These were moms I really admired and I know how kids can be, so I never judged them. But I did think my child would have significantly fewer tantrums. I mean, we…


A Peek at Life Right Now

Winter is not a bad time to have a new baby. Snuggling in bed to recover seems like the best thing to do anyway, and hot comfort food hits the spot after having a baby. Some of my fondest memories will be watching Liam run to my room when my mom brought him over each…

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Before You Meet Your Brother

Before another month passes, you will be a big brother to a little boy. These last weeks have been so sweet. Our days at home have seemed special, even when they are filled with chores and tasks. We’ve taken frequent trips to the children’s museum and have stopped by the toy store at your request on…


Bible Stories in the Dark

At night we cuddle under the soft, pink blanket in the dark. As I lay beside you to help you fall asleep, you often chatter ceaselessly about all thing things on your two-year-old mind. Sometimes you pat my growing belly and tell your brother, “Baby, it’s dark out that window.” You are learning the difference between morning…