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After a year of having the new site, I finally decided to move all my stuff over to I’d love it if you would check it out! As always, thanks so much for reading!

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Adventures in Home Preschool

Our First Three Weeks of Preschool at Home I remember that the time after I had Liam was one of the happiest of my life because I started to relax more. I stopped worrying about getting everything done, stopped beating myself up, and stopped being a slave to the clock (which I had been my…


When It’s Tantrums All Day Long

During the good old days of having an eighteen-month-old, I remember hearing other moms talk about the tantrums of their two and three-year-olds. These were moms I really admired and I know how kids can be, so I never judged them. But I did think my child would have significantly fewer tantrums. I mean, we…


On Seeing Children as Sinners

I know this post is exceedingly long. But it feels like one of the most important things I’ve ever written as I’ve worked through my own understanding of God and parenting. That’s why I share it here. I heard it from a young age, probably with each infant that was baptized: children, even from birth,…


Jumping on the Capsule Wardrobe Train (Fall 2014)

I considered  “Coming out of the Capsule Wardrobe Closet” as a more appropriate title metaphor-wise, but since you now know I at least considered that title, we can move on. I read Haley’s No Brainer Wardrobe last year and loved it. I loved the idea of quality over quantity, and it seemed wonderful to open one’s…


Incarnational Parenting

I’m sitting on the floor next to the washing machine folding the laundry that has piled up during our baby’s virus. He’s still not himself, and he’s fussy and easily frustrated. He picks up his battery-powered train and points it toward the wall away from both of us. It gets stuck there. He motions for…