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Here are some of my favorite posts on Pilgrim Sandals:

On Motherhood and Parenting


To My Baby Boy: On Hands 

Saving the Boys; Lessons in Androgyny

The Story of the Wipe Warmer

Losing It at Our Kids 

My Early Lessons in Motherhood

Love for a Baby; Love for a Husband 

My New Approach to Parenting

Sleeping Like…Our Ancestors 

Giving Your Kids Your Dream Childhood 

Birth Story: Why // Part One // Part Two 

On Faith 

1-photo (58)

My Story: Part One, Part Two, Part Three 

A New Understanding of Total Depravity

Communion, Complaining, and Coming Full Circle

Other Favorites 

Too Busy: The Reasons and Ramifications // The Solution 

Kids and These Days


On Addie Zierman’s Blog: One Small Change: Sunday Rest 

On Leanne Penny’s Blog: Love Showed Up: Bridal Showers and the Gift of Support 

On Coffee + Crumbs: Chipping Polish

On The Laundry Moms: Four Little Words


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