This Girl

Hi, and welcome to Pilgrim Sandals. I’m Heather, an English teacher turned mom who wanted a place (and the accountability) to write. I love to write about my life with my college-sweetheard-turned-husband and our baby boy (born July 2013). I started blogging seriously in 2006 while I was in high school (and be glad I’m not linking to that blog!) and have blogged off and on since then. I’ve lived in the South my whole life, and I spent a lot of my childhood on our farm. The fun fact I usually share is that I taught myself to rollerblade up and down our driveway while reading a book in middle school.


That’s probably the peak of the exciting side of me. But in case you want to know more, a quiet morning with a cup of (decaf) coffee and a good book or a blank page refreshes me. I think I would be perfectly content to walk everywhere for the rest of my life. Give me two cups of regular coffee, and I will never stop talking. Perhaps the book that speaks to my soul the most is Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead. I love people, but I also must have time alone. I am perfectly content to spend days upon end at home.

My preference for spending money on books above anything else persists to this day, but I’ve never fully recovered from my addiction to buying school supplies. I’m obsessive about writing down memories so I don’t forget, and I make our family a photo book each year. I spend a lot of time researching health and wellness. I loved my high school students and the literature I taught them, but I am thrilled to be taking a break from teaching to be with my sweet boy. Thanks for reading!

If you’re new to Pilgrim Sandals, click here. To find out why I chose Pilgrim Sandals as this blog’s name, click here.


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4 thoughts on “This Girl

    • Emily, I headed right over to your blog and read some, including your About Me page. You are so right! I love your writing (your post about your baby was so beautiful!), and I will add your blog to my reading list. Thanks for stopping by.

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